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A Day In The Life Of KSYK

What does a normal Monday look like in KSYK? Let’s see what the students have been up to…


The Central Hall is busy in the mornings when sleepy students are trying to avoid bumping into other sleepwalkers. Most students are apparently trying to absorb some light through their phones…

Students enjoying central hall’s piano on a break.

While the rest of the school was having just another ordinary Monday, the 30th of January was the last day for upper secondarys seniors, abiturientit. The atmosphere among seniors was both wistful and happy. The amazing snowy scenery was also a factor in making the seniors enjoy their day even more.

Warning abilounge! There might be a spy among you… a rare photo of the insights of abilounge, which has now closed down. Stay tuned for the abishow to see what the lounge’s funeral looked like.

Unfortunately many teachers were in quarantine, so the students had to find a quiet place inside the school building where they could spend their “lähi-etäopetus” lessons.

A tip for all those who are suffering from this horrible thing called “lähi-etäopetus”: the only way to survive through it is…. (drum roll, please) to have GREAT SNACKS! And oh, just a reminder for all those who are taking part in the matriculation examinations this spring: snacks are the most important part. They make the experience a little more tolerable.

During these times when all you see from people are their computers and masks it’s nice to have people who decorate their computers in personal ways. Please do it more! Be brave!

Study hallis a popular hangout spot during breaks, as it is in the middle of the school building. It is easy to run to your next lesson from there after relaxing on the sofas with some friends. Study hall can get especially loud during afternoons when students get tired again.


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Kuvat: Annukka Mäkeläinen


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